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We Did It! Celebrating the Power of Teamwork

We did it. We did it. WE DID IT!


Sometimes, you get really lucky and your career path puts you alongside some pretty amazing people. During my time working in Jersey, Dr Julie Luscombe was one of those people. With professionalism to burn, a wonderous sense of curiosity and intelligence, all topped off with a killer sense of humour, Julie is one of my all-time favourite work connections.

Fast forward 15 years and we are once more, combining forces and joyfully collaborating around some pretty unique training courses. I simply couldn't be happier!

Having long observed the need for supportive courses that address emotional skills development, I knew exactly who I wanted to partner with me in making these courses available. It has been so wonderful reconnecting and the feedback from our first offering has literally blown us away! It is clear from the response that interest in self-development for our horses is at an all time high. A growing tribe of thoughtful and compassionate horse guardians know that developing their own emotional intelligence paves the way to increased confidence, practical horse skills development and happiness.

To share some context for focusing on this area let me share a story. Attending a liberty clinic many years ago, I watched a lovely horse and human partnership having their allotted time with the trainer. The horse was finding it very difficult to connect and as things went from bad to worse, the human dissolved into tears and became unable to continue. Her degree of emotionality was just too high. Now whilst this is a more extreme example, I know that emotional overwhelm, internal critical voices and downright faulty thinking plague so many people. Especially if they are aspiring to advance their skills with horses. The self-pressure can pile on pretty darned quickly. I would go as far as to say that we have something of an epidemic of unfulfilled passions and lost dreams when it comes to a life with horses. We don't need much mental interference to start impacting our aspirations. Julie and I are committed to doing something about this...

Enter the Horse Abundance Course!

Horse Abundance is the first of many courses to come. We wanted to start with something foundational that focused on YOU rather than your horse. We also wanted the course to get to grips and address the underlying dynamics, so that positive changes could be brought about in the shortest time possible. This is where Julie's input has been so transformational. By introducing approaches grounded in neuro-chemistry and marrying them to Flow Horsemanship's unique approach, we have dreamt up something pretty special.

The truth of the matter is that horses have so much to offer us if we can simply get out of our own way! When horses feel seen and heard, they are overflowing with generosity and willingness. They are able to join us effortlessly when we are in a state of calm, dependable authenticity. Our energy state becomes profoundly attractive to horses.

Our horses change when we change and some of the transformations we can expect are:

  • A stronger connection to self, resulting in increased mental clarity, focus and empathy with your horse

  • Removal of self-limiting beliefs

  • Increased motivation and energy

  • Understanding the basis of subtle communication with your horse

  • Increased confidence as a learner

  • Your horses increased confidence in you

Sounding good?

To find out more information about the course and to book your place, go to We are offering the course at the special introductory price of £57.

Learning is entirely at your own pace with plenty of reflection exercises that lead you along the path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Make 2024 the year you live your dream with your horse. It's all there waiting for you!

With love and best wishes, Sam and Julie.

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