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love liberty?

join the flow liberty academy for
£11 per month

Do you want to join a growing community of committed liberty lovers who are looking to develop their skills and relationship like never before? Join the private FB group to receive training videos, guidance and tailored support in the presence of like-minded people for the price of two coffees a month! Hit subscribe and become a founder member of the group for this very special price. Join us to discover:

  • Your first developmental steps, moving towards confident and refined free play

  • The confidence to move from playing in small spaces to wide open countryside

  • How to be more interesting then grass! Building curiosity and willingness to realise the horse relationship of your dreams

  • Specific problem solving skills and guided support for you and your horse


It's time to take your learning to the next level!

Online courses are here!

We are really excited to launch our new Learning Management System where you will find our new online courses.

Our first offering is Discovering Horse Abundance and we are recommending this course as a foundation for all other courses. This course is a condensation of key personal development steps that form the foundation of trust and lightness between horse and human. It is a unique course focused on YOU!

The content has been developed and co-delivered with Dr Julie Luscombe of People Like Me Coaching. The feedback has been amazing and this course has the power to move mountains in the right hands.

We will shortly be offering a new 'Fundamentals of Liberty' course which will launch in Spring 2024.  You can sign up for this course now by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you on-line!

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