Energy Transformation:

Building a Real and Enduring Foundation



We are really excited to be offering these new development opportunities and feel it addresses a fundamental gap in how people are usually supported to be with their horses. We believe in going deep in order for you to access your most brilliant and unique way of being with horses.  People will often have some sense of their unique way with horses, but would love this sense to be far clearer and compelling. Here is a chance to finally get to grips with fundamental blockages in a way that is safe, supportive and effective.

Energy Transformation

There has never been a greater need for increased individual and collective understanding of the energy states that we embody. Many of us are living with mental and emotional challenges that have profound implications for generating a positive relationship with horses. These challenges can originate from a broad spectrum of sources ranging from workplace stress, managing difficult interpersonal relationships or the ongoing fall out from historical events that have left emotional scars.  For many sensitive and empathic people, it can be the result of over burdened senses from the pace of modern life. These challenges are so common that we often fail to recognise the significant impact they are having on our lives. On top of this, we also forget that we are incredible beings who possess the ability to step out of our patterns and experiment with feeling embodied and whole.  Our horses sense this so powerfully and even imperceptible shifts within us can make a profound difference to our horses.

For the best part of a decade, I have been constantly fascinated by

just how amazingly sensitive horses are to our own energy

field. This fact can either work for us or against us. It is the source of 

boundless fun and joy or it is one of the greatest challenges to our

ongoing relationship with horses.

In exploring this realm, I have been lucky to work with many 

brilliant teachers but it has been my ability to find my own way with

my own horses that has revealed the greatest insights to me. This is 

something that we all must do and here is the excitement of self

discovery and realisation for both you and your horse.

Be aware of all that you are, so that you can actualise

all that you can be!

Retreat Structure

Courses will be held on 6th September, 25th-27th September & 2nd-4th October 2020. They are all stand alone courses though we advise that if you are looking to gain the maximum from the sessions, you do the initial day course and follow that up with one of the three day retreats. This will give you a chance to put into effect some of your personal feedback before the start of the three day retreat. 

All days start at 10.00am and finish at 5.30pm. Lunch and refreshments are provided. It is possible to bring your own horse and for those who can't travel with their horse, we have a number of lovely horses who can partner you on the day.

6th September - Fundamentals of Engergy Transformation

This day long session serves as a basic introduction to understanding and feeling yourself and your horse as essentially energetic beings. This is a fast track way to find compelling reasons and practical ways to get out of mechanically controlling or micro managing your horse.  This day will provide a good basis for understanding and feeling how groundwork and riding can become a more joy filled experience.

25th - 27th September - Energy Transformation from the Ground

Based on the foundation day, we have far longer together to explore how our own free flowing movement and energy supports that of our horses and vice versa. The aim is to form a continuous feedback loop of joy in movment as a foundation for all interactions. 

2nd - 4th October - Energy Transformation for Riding

Starting out from the foundational approach, we shall be exploring how a positive feedback loop supports joy in movement under saddle. Most riders unwittingly block their horses energy and we shall be focusing on how to enhance body awareness, confidence and communication in ensuring that riding feels life enhancing for both horse and human.

Each person participating with a horse will have two one-to-one sessions with me daily and a bespoke body work and aromatherapy session including a consultation and one of Jenny Rice's individually created aromatherapy 'sniffy sticks' to take home with them. For more information about Jenny, please see below.


6th September - horse place £130, spectator place £35 (does not include body work)

25th - 27th September - horse place £380, spectator place £110 (does not include body work)

2nd - 4th October - horse place £380, spectator place £110 (does not include body work)

* Specators wishing to book a personal consultation with Jenny can book a very limited number of spaces in the early evening. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.


About Jenny Rice

Jenny is the owner of Lower Fishpools and is also a talented practitioner on a number of fronts. Jenny has worked with people on an emotional level for over three decades and worked as a social worker, culminating in running her own specialist consultancy. She has a degree in psychology and her specialist area of work focuses on the effects that early years trauma has on adults. In 2015 she took time out to study a diploma in zoopharmacognosy which supports self healing in animals using botanicals and oils. During this time she became aware of two main areas of self selection, namely to heal emotional trauma and self selection to heal physical trauma. Jenny observed that with animals that lived in private homes, they tended to choose remedies for pain and discomfort and animals in rescue centres tended to select oils that addressed past and present trauma and emotional pain.

This discovery naturally expanded her interest in supporting people and she trained for a year with Jane Lawson of the Natural Approach School of Therapies, completing a Diploma in aromatherapy and massage. Jane teaches that oils can have a positive effect on emotions and vibrational energy and it is an approach that Jenny has found very successful in supporting people to engage with their horses more positively.

Each session will be preceded by a one-to-one consultation with Jenny to ensure that you receive a treatment that fully supports your development during your time with us. We know that you will find it an inspiring and relaxing experience.

About Lower Fishpools

We are blessed with living in the most beautiful area. There is plenty of opportunity to ride out through amazing scenery while you are staying with us. It really is a perfect getaway location. Please go to to find out more about Lower Fishpools. There is also the opportunity to stay in the B&B while you are with us, and for those who want to combine a slightly longer stay, there are log cabins with hot tubs to rent out to make your trip extra special. Please let us know if you wish to book accommodation with us.