Maintaining Flow Membership Group

Welcome to Maintaining Flow Membership Group!

One of the hardest aspects of developing horsemanship skills  is maintaining motivation and inspiration, especially for those students who live further away from people who can provide support on a regular basis. To help with this I have set up a monthly subscription group that will enable those with the will and desire to keep moving forward to do exactly that.

Every month I will release 2 sources of support whether it be a video with narration, a presentation on a particular topic or a written article. After each release there will be a chat box facility for everyone to discuss and contribute, meaning that issues can be fully explored in a supportive and positive environment.

Membership also gives you direct access to support from me! You are free to call or message me to problem solve any road blocks you might be experiencing.

Don't feel blocked, stuck or deflated. Maintaining your flow with ease and light-heartedness is now well within your reach.


  • Regular support, ideas, inspirations and guidance.

  • One to one support whenever you need it.

  • Never feeling 'all at sea' for long periods of time.

  • Unsubscribe at any time.


Course opens 1st November 2016. Enroll now for monthly price of £50

Topics focused on will be varied including groundwork, in-hand, liberty and ridden work.

There will also be polls where members can vote on what issues are affecting you the most currently so that you can access the support you need, exactly when you need it.

Initial focus will be on:

Calming anxious horses without adding pressure, enlivening less motivated horses without force, looking at how to practically develop playfulness and creativity in our horsemanship, explorations into developing more feel and lightness on-line and developing an absolutely rock solid foundation including hoof handling, bridling and saddling, trailer loading, volunteering for ridden work v's imposing riding on your horse. There will also be additional guidance on encouraging straightness, effortless square halts and encouraging soft feel.