Groundwork Skills

Groundwork really is the foundation for all that you do with your horse.  This can include playing with obstacles to develop confidence and trust to simple in-hand sessions. Learning about the basics of in-hand work will benefit you greatly  as you are then able  to help your horse move his centre of balance towards his hindquarters making the task of carrying you easier to manage.  If you are struggling with a horse that is heavy on the forehand or finds lead changes difficult, these lessons will be invaluable to you. If you are looking for a way to develop the bond with your horse and to increase your communication, groundwork lessons are ideal. These lessons are perfect for building confidence as you learn to read your horse more and more accurately while your horse appreciates more clarity in your relationship.


Discover a whole new level of connection, fun and togetherness.  Playing with no halters, ropes or gadgets adds a new dimension to your relationship with your horse. Be warned though... its seriously addictive! For those interested in learning more about liberty on line, please go to my Authentic Liberty course page.

Rider Support

When your horse has overcome any tension or resistance on the ground, its time to move things to the saddle and to work on ways to ensure that you and your horse move in harmony.  Using effective simulations off the horse, experience how to access your core strength whilst remaining relaxed and focused allowing engergy to flow through you and your horses joints

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Lessons charged at £50 an hour
Travelling away from my home address will be charged additionally at 25p per mile.  A cancellation fee is also charged at 50% of the lesson cost, if the cancellation occurs less then 48 hours before the scheduled lesson. 
​ To arrange a clinic for a number of people on your own yard, please Contact me for prices.  Free place available for host so why not arrange a clinic and attend with your horse for free.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you...

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