Welcome and thank you for visiting Flow Horsemanship. ​I am based in Lower Chapel, Brecon and teach at my home address or at your own yard or stables offering both individual or group lessons, clinics and workshops.


​Flow Horsemanship is not a method or system. My approach is based on the profound impact of relaxation and full awareness and the commitment to true choice for the horse which leads to their full and wholehearted engagement in whatever you are suggesting in that moment. Without real choice for the horse, they can never join us 100% in what we are doing and it was this realisation that encouraged me to pursue different paths of enquiry with many different practitioners and trainers. I found that there were very few paths that had the prize of a truly free and willing horse at the end. Many paths led to a dead end, where I could achieve tasks with the horse to greater degrees of efficiency but I always felt like the horse became smaller in the process. Less free, less beautiful and feeling more like my slave rather then a joyful partner.



I am always in the process of refining and exploring a way of developing horses that has no compromise at all. A way that feels equally as joyful to the horse as it does to me. An approach based on deep calmness, sofness and clarity.


 This approach is so simple yet it can be a real challenge to achieve for us humans! The benefits for all involved are so overwhelmingly positive that it is well worth pursuing.

It is my privilege to help humans and horses to find this place of peace and togetherness. It is truly life changing and even one small taste of it is enough to plant the seed that grows into the most beautiful tree imaginable. 


I sincerely look forward to meeting you and your horse and am happy to discuss any aspect of your horsemanship that you would love some support with.


With love and happiness!

My influences and teachers have been very varied. I trained up to a 2* Parelli Instructor and left Parelli in 2013, looking for a different way with horses.  I have been fortunate to spend time since then, learning from some wonderful and inspirational teachers.


Arran Parker (Student of the Horse) was like a breath of fresh air and showed me that there is definitely life after Parelli! Ingela Larsson Smith (True Connetion) helped me to realise the importance of healing your heart as an integral and essential part of developing ever deepening bonds with the horse. Marijke de Jong, Rebecca Gilbert (Straightness Training) and Joyce Mulder (Classical Dressage and Seat Training) showed me ways to develop horses to overcome their natural assymetry. Shawna Karrasch (Connection Training) opened up the wonderful benefits of positive reinforcement and Jenny Rolfe helped me to understand the role of breath in riding.


Dear Noora Ehnqvist (Sensitive Horse) shone a welcome light on expressing unconditional love, authenticity, sensitivity and deep body awareness. Anna Marciniak helped me to see how calmness needs to form the essential base of all interactions with our horses. Antonio Borba Monteiro (Master rider at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art) showed me a living example of Zen calm and mastery in classical equitation. Tom Nagel (Zen and the Horse) introduced me to the Psoas muscle, unbendable arms, pushing, not pulling and the Infinite Vertical. Tom has also been invaluable in encouraging me to write and communicate my message to a wider audience. I am very thankful for his support. Last but not least, I thank Karen Musson for her insights into the fascinating world of feel.


I am so appreciative of all my teachers who have helped me to get to where I am today.  I wish always to be a perpetual student! The journey is not over yet and I look forward to studying with more enlightened tearchers in the future.

Authentic liberty

online course

Liberty that does not rely on applying pressure to 'make' your horse stay with you.

Liberty that does not rely on playing in small fenced off spaces to maintain the connection.

Liberty that is truthful, nurturing and sustainable.

Meet The Team

Aztec Ultimo

Timo has been with me since he was 1 year old. A PRE youngster from Aztec Stud, he is smart, curious, and talented. Always the first one at the gate wanting to play!


Imported from Spain in 2010, Temple feels sometimes more like a human than a horse! A complicated character with bags of personality. Loves to be the centre of attention but is more sensitive then he would have you think.


Axel, my medicine horse. Guaranteed to cure me of any sadness or low mood. He has been in my life for 12 years and has taught me far more then I have ever taught him.