New Equi-Coaching Sessions!


So.... you've found yourself here, reading this, so that means that some part of you is feeling frustrated about the lack of progress with your horse.  At the very least, you are curious that this might be something you will find useful in overcoming whatever barrier you're experiencing at the moment. Equi-Coaching is a great solution for people in lots of different circumstances:


  • You have lessons with your horse and things still dont seem to be moving forward as you expected.

  • Maybe you live in a more remote area and find it hard to get the support that you need for you and your horse on a regular basis.

  • There is plenty of help and advice around you but none of it seems to be a good fit with the kind of support you are looking for.

  • You have specific issues that feel too large to tackle straight away in a lesson with your horse.  Overcoming fear after an accident is a good example.


How Does It Work?

It's simple! We have an intial brief email discussion where we enable you to focus on your most pressing issues. You then film the aspect of your horsemanship that you wish to work on (if possible and appropriate!) You are then given feedback and ideas about how to bring about positive change and harmony. After a week to 10 days we do a final email exchange to clear any outstanding issues and to set the way forward for you and your horse.

Whatever your circumstances, Equi-Coaching adds value to your existing programme of development and is pivotal in designing a personal development programme if you feel you lack one!  Why not try a single session to see how Equi-Coaching can work for you?

£30 for single introductory coaching session

£95 for 4 tailor made coaching sessions

Andrea and Bally's Experience of Equi-Coaching


Andrea lives in Victoria, Australia in a relatively remote location so not only was she a long way from me, she was a long way from instructors in general making coaching an ideal option for her.  Andrea had four coaching sessions via Skype and this was her experience:



Sometimes working with horses can be lonely.  No one to talk things out with except you and your horse.  Sadly they become the testing ground for your often unplanned and unfocused want for outcome.


Sam has been the shoulder to lean on.. the voice of reason… the guiding light in the maze that is working with horses (especially my complicated girl Bally).


Having someone point you in the right direction, keep you motivated and focused, make things achievable by breaking them down, and most importantly encouraging you to keep trying.


Her broad knowledge of different professionals and methods means that she can help you fast track your way to results that suit both you, your horse, and your struggles.


I’ve been extremely grateful to have Sam in my corner of the corral!  Without her I wouldn’t have been encouraged to take a few giant leaps that previously fear had prevented.  She changed my relationship with my horse and myself.


I found benefit in not just my horse training and ownership, but also in realising what environmental and other influences can do to affect your progress.  


Yes I wish Sam was in the same hemisphere and within easy reach… but her online training has been the next best thing, especially since I’m quite isolated from people with similar skills and services.

A video, a book, a few articles online can be helpful - but there’ nothing better than someone you can ask, probe and clarify things with.


Well done Sam!  I hope you help many others as you have me…

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"We would achieve so much more if we did not believe it to be impossible."


Vince Lombardi

The Benefits of Coaching



The longer I am involved in teaching people with their horses, the more convinced I become that coaching is the key ingredient in helping students to move forward.  Technical skill, new knowledge and enhancing physical skills are all important too but it is the coaching that really keeps people believing in their ability to make change and achieve success.  The benefits of coaching are numerous. However, I think there are five benefits of coaching that take the cake and make coaching the ultimate personal development solution:

1. Seeing Your Blind Spots

Often, there are critical things we simply don’t see - our blind spots. We can have blind spots about the limiting beliefs we operate on, the real consequences of certain behaviors, and the way we interact with horses. Since you can’t change or take into consideration what you don’t see, blind spots typically keep you stuck in old patterns of behaviour. Buying is coaching support helps you recognise your blind spots and more importantly, helps you to move beyone them, creating new patterns that serve you better in your horsemanship journey and in life.

2. Choosing the Best Action Steps

Once you know what specifically you want to achieve, the key question is: How? The horse world is 'advice rich' and it can be confusing knowing which strategy or approach is going to work best for you and your horse.  Coaching helps you to cut a clear path through the confusion and stops you from feeling like you are stuck, or going around in circles.

3. Implementing Each Step Effectively

So you've got a plan of action for you and your horse.  A big pitfall is that people tend to think they’re practicing a new idea properly, when in fact they aren’t. Coaching provides the opportunity to study how you’re implementing certain ideas and give you accurate feedback. I can guide you into implementing what you’re learning effectively and can ensure that you’re shifting in the right direction, that you’re evolving not just changing.

4. Taking Massive Action

Fundamentally, changing any area of your life is at most 10% theory and at least 90% practice. You won’t see real results unless you commit to taking the insights you get and the ideas you discover and acting on them. One of the key benefits of coaching is that it can help put the focus on results and take massive action. A good coach will help you get motivated, trust your power to change, get out of your comfort zone and do considerably more than you would on your own.

5. Staying On Track

It’s convenient to say that every person is responsible for their personal development and that if you don’t stick to it, then you’re just lazy or lack willpower. But the psychological fact is that humans find it hard to stay motivated to do something, even if it’s important to them. Even the most successful and strong-minded people can easily get distracted and they frequently procrastinate if they just rely on willpower. The good news is that you don’t need to rely on willpower alone. Through coaching, you can get precious support in staying on track with your personal development. A coach can help you set specific goals, take action daily and remain committed to the process. You’ll make progress week by week and the cumulative progress will be huge.


So why not give it a try? You can opt for an introductory session which will help you to clarify exactly where your sticking points are or you can buy a block of four coaching sessions that take place on a weekly basis.  This option is great for someone who is ready to dive in and make big advances in their horsemanship.   


I look forward to working with you soon!!