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barefoot trimming specialist

I am currently in the process of becoming a barefoot trimming specialist through the HM International School of Horse & Hoof Care ( I will be available to a select group of new clients in the Pembrokeshire area for trimming in Spring 2023. Prior to that, I am taking on clients around general lifestyle support for those wanting to establish a species appropriate environment prior to trimming.  I'm looking forward to combining Flow Horsemanship with this holistic service. I attended a three-day training course and knew straight away that this is something that I wanted to dive into. So I did! And here I am committed to a further two years of study. HM is led by Lindsay Setchell who studied directly with Jaime Jackson. The approach is founded on working with nature to support the development of a healthy hoof that is nurtured not only through sound trimming principles, but also on the impact of diet and environment. The trim will be of little value if the horses underlying management is not in line with species specific care. 

I intend to add to this page as I move along in my studies so for now, please see my latest Blog post.



The trim is based on natures hoof, following a set of trimming guidelines that optimises the balance and soundness of all horses. As a species that has taken 500 million years to develop into Equus Cabalus, and with no discernible genetic development over the last 1.5 million years, we are working with a well established structure that has traversed the planet. As such, the trimming protocol is one that is endorsed by nature and enables previously compromised horses to activate the healing pathway.

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With diet related illnesses reaching epidemic proportions, it is time to change. Horses are ill equipped to cope with many of the modern strains of pasture that they are turned out on. For many horse guardians (myself included!) this aspect of horse care was the most challenging to acknowledge and also to put into practice. It is important to have support in making the vital transition to a species specific diet. Once you experience the difference, you wont want to go back. Neither will your horse!

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Our horses have developed over millennia to exhibit certain sets of species-specific behaviour. As profoundly social creatures that need to live in the company of other horses, track systems are a cornerstone of enabling horses to exhibit as many natural behaviours as possible. It is a reality that very few of us will be able to create a 'gold standard' set up from the start. The important thing is to make a start and to experiment. Yes, there will be compromises, but a few simple pointers and support at the start of your journey will keep you on the right track... no pun intended!

lets work together

I am in the process of beginning to work with a select number of clients in the Pembrokeshire area who are looking to make ethical and science based changes to their horses living conditions. Please contact me if this is of interest to you.

Bare Foot Trimming
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